Witness the union of
the inherent beauty of natural wood
with the rhythm and flow of dynamic energy
and intuitive expression.

Described as both a Surrealist and Abstract Expressionist, I create from intuition and self-expression. I call my calligraphic style, "The Language of Poetic Line". This love of line has been evident ever since I can remember. I strongly identify with the beauty, the rhythms, the flow of energy expressed with this art form. Little did I know, that it would one day become my voice.

As the foundation of this unique and unmistakable art, these lyrical compositions reveal the intangible energy, inner movement, and complexities of the subject.

My medium of choice is acrylics & aluminum on birch veneer.  The complement of wood, metal, and various textures brings these expressive artworks to life in an artistic manner, often said, is sensual, intellectual, and entertaining.

The wood's grain presents its own rhythms and energy, creating an even deeper relationship between its natural characteristics and my intuitive self-expression. And further enhanced by the visual transparency; beautiful, calming, and deep with imagery and emotion. To see, hear, and feel beneath the painted surface, allows me to bond with the subject with increasing intensity... the real joy in my creative process!

My art seeks to inspire, to awaken something within you. I speak of the human experience, and express my whimsical nature. I strive to bring you a fresh and compelling interest to each subject, offering you a part of me, that you may find,
is a part of you... Enjoy!

Self-Portrait , 96 x 48"  ©1998


Kurt Merkel was born in Wooster, Ohio and grew up on Long Island, New York. From 1979-1989, Kurt worked as an Art Director, Illustrator and Calligrapher for a variety of ad agencies and design studios in New York City.

In 1989, he moved to Orlando, Florida to open the advertising & design agency, Merkel & Schleicher Communications. Later know as ADERA, it quickly became one of the "hottest" sports agencies with clients such as the Orlando Magic, Disney's Wide World of Sports, NASCAR, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, PGA Golf, MLS soccer, and the Amateur Athletic Union.

In 1998, Kurt began his transition towards Fine Art. 1999, marked the beginning of his professional career with his first solo exhibition and sale. Kurt has developed a unique and unmistakable style through intense study, travel, and devotion.

In 2006, Kurt moved to Miami to further develop as an artist. 2010 saw the debut of his new Sculptural Artworks. Recognition of this newly developed style was highlighted by the largest commission (Neptune, 108" x 72") from a prominent collector.

Kurt moved to Albuquerque, NM in 2013. Always broadening his horizons, continuing to exercise his creativity as an artist, photographer and musician.

Kurt Merkel's artworks are in private and corporate collections throughout the USA and Canada.




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"Look at my art...
and allow yourself to Feel,
to Hear what I'm saying.

You will know that
I am a powerful & positive force.
I have an open heart, compassion for all,
a sensual and whimsical nature, enormously optimistic, a champion for your dreams.
All that, I hope you can see
and feel in my work."

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